Niharika Centre for Performing Arts: The objectives

The magnificent bounty of art and culture, India is the mother of varied forms of dance, music and drama - each reflecting the wonderful tapestry of cultures, languages, and religions that thrive here.

Niharika Centre for Performing Arts was founded in 1995 with the solemn objective of inculcating the spirit of rich culture and heritage of India into the young minds through dance forms. In the ocean of talent, creativity and aesthetics, it is a small step taken by Mrittika & Dr.Arkodev Bhattacharya towards the preservation of the values that personifies Indian classical dance forms. They started with a modest number of 5 students. With monetary gains not being the goal, the big idea remains to nurture and sculpt the serious students into understanding the deeper philosophy behind the Indian dance forms.

Dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient Indian art forms, Niharika Centre for Performing Arts trains young talent in the rigorous disciplines of Indian classical dances (Odissi & Bharatnatyam). Orchestrating the performances, with careful attention paid to the smallest details of choreography, music and costumes, the institute has been repeatedly successful at recreating on stage a dazzling glimpse of traditional India. This is a result of many years of undeterred practice that has honed the performers’ skills to perfection. The institute and the dancers take pride in being the ones to communicate to the world, the magnificence that is India.

The primary objective of our institute is to tap the underlying talents in the students, to bring out the utmost in their dancing skills. There are a lot of students who possess tremendous amount of potential in them, just waiting to be garnered by the likes of the course. The sole objective is to make proficient dancers out of the students! What we lack here is a proper system of dance education; the lackluster attitude of the people towards the art of dancing is to be changed drastically.

The persons who have an aptitude and a yearning for this art are shunning from it just because of the dearth of proper facilities and an incompetent educative system. There happens to be absolutely no dearth of dancers in our circuit, but what we intend to do is to create a methodical system purely and solely based on technique and train and groom them in such a manner that they are eligible to perform professionally.

The most important problem lies in the fact that cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai have reached dizzying heights in the context of this art, whereas Kolkata remained far behind due to the shortage of awareness and exposure to ‘Dance’. Awareness is much essential in our society. We belong to the 21st century in which the world had become much fast-paced and broad-minded and so dance has now become an important and well-accepted entity. Earlier, people weren’t as keen to creative and performing arts such as dancing, but now this problem seems to be ebbing and Kolkata also seems to be catching up on the dancing front! But now people have been accepting dance as a profession with open arms, as it has also become one of the most respected and well-paid professions in today’s world.


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